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jajaja, well at work engineering family member did 15 standard push ups, he is approximately 150lbs, im 215lbs and did 35 push ups, prone. My push ups , i had my feet up in matlab counter about 3 feet high. They said i did more as a result of its way easy to do them matlab way i did. Is that True?V Dub Yes matlab sounds such as you likely did matlab right. Your body form is likely very different from what I used during this research. I definitely used engineering weighing scale to measure matlab weight I exerted on matlab scale once I was in matlab up place and down position of engineering pushup and found out that I was using 75% of my bodyweight in matlab up position and round 80% in matlab down place!Not sure if here’s accurate when you consider that matlab only measures matlab force exerted by my palms and never feet but maybe due to the fact matlab arms are matlab ones doing matlab movement perhaps it’s rightOMW, you at last just answered my query!I’m Chinese and I have abnormally long arms, and I even have constantly needed to understand no matter if matlab may make engineering change!TYSM!Most completely raising your feet makes matlab weight increase.