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After experimentation, edge detection method proposed during this paper is possible. Keywords: Digital Image Edge detection, wavelet de noising, differential operators, and binary morphology. References:1. Lei Lichen, Discussion of digital image edge detection approach, mappingavis, 2006, 3:40 42. 2. Lai Hague, etc, “Image processing and analysis established on MATLAB”, Beijing: Defense Industry Publication, 2007, 4. We all know how clever matlab IC LM317 is and it’s no surprise why this gadget reveals such a lot of purposes requiring accurate power manage. The Current Controlled 12V Battery Charger Circuit Using IC LM317 presented here displays how matlab IC LM317 can also be configured employing just engineering couple resistors and a typical transformer bridge energy supply for charging engineering 12 volt battery with utmost accuracy. The input power to matlab IC is fed from a standard transformer/diode bridge network; matlab voltage is around 14 volts after matlab filtration via C1. The ADJ pin engineering matlab IC is fixed to matlab junction engineering matlab resistor R1 and matlab variable resistor R2. R2 can also be fine set for aligning matlab last output voltage with matlab battery. Without matlab inclusion of Rc, matlab circuit would behave like engineering simple LM 317 energy supply where matlab present wouldn’t be sensed and controlled.